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ICYMI: Successes Highlighted by Local and National Media Following End of Protest

SALEM, Ore. – After successfully negotiating a framework to end the six-week-long peaceful, constitutional protest, media highlighted the wins for all Oregonians within the framework. The

Oregonian Editorial Board said:

“Democrats made the right call to compromise on abortion and gun-safety bills in order to address the numerous emergencies facing Oregonians… Predictably, Democratic and Republican legislative leaders all declared victory for their side and for Oregonians as a whole. But they are correct. A failed session would have been a disaster for all. It is a reflection of legislators’ commitment to public service – which is far from an easy career path – that they ultimately set aside animosity to find a path forward.”

OPB reported:

“Republicans in the Oregon Senate ended their six-week walkout on Thursday, after reaching a deal to water down Democratic bills on abortion and guns that the GOP has strenuously opposed. Those changes — unthinkable if Republicans had not launched the longest walkout in state history — represent a win for the boycotting senators.”

Willamette Week reported:

Oregon Senate Republicans returned to work today after a 43-day walkout, the longest in state history…Lawmakers can now clear a backlog of policy bills that have already passed through committees and on the House floor and, most importantly, approve the budget bills necessary to avoid disruptions to state and local government.

Oregon Capital Chronicle reported:

“Oregon Senate leaders on Thursday reached a deal that brought a handful of Republicans back to the floor, ending the longest walkout in state history and clearing the way for the Legislature to pass a budget and start working through hundreds of backlogged bills.”

Breitbart reported:

“Oregon Senate Republicans successfully pushed state Democrats into eliminating a portion of a proposed bill that would have allowed minors to obtain abortions without parental consent.”

Oregon Right to Life stated:

“Democrats agreed to a number of concessions on key legislation. Initiated in response to unconstitutional bills, the walkout put pressure on pro-abortion legislators to amend controversial bills, including House Bill 2002. “At the beginning of May, HB 2002 was on track to glide through the Oregon Senate without any meaningful debate, let alone amendments,” said Oregon Right to Life executive director Lois Anderson. “Because pro-life senators walked out, courageously putting their political careers on the line, HB 2002 was reined in… The concessions eliminate significant provisions in House Bill 2002, such as the withholding of information from parents about abortions and the repeal of the crime of “concealing the death of an infant.” The deal also included a commitment to keep Senate Judicial Resolution 33 from a floor vote.”

“Media plays an important role in our public discourse. Oregonians across the state are hearing the news about the wins we were able to secure. Not only did we hold the Democrat majority accountable by achieving constitutional, lawful bipartisanship, but we restored the rights of parents and law-abiding gun owners,” said Senate Republican Leader Tim Knopp (R-Bend).


From the Office of the Oregon Senate Republican Leader | Ashley.Kuenzi@oregonlegislature.gov

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